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This received the title of "the true cradle of mark" by its wooden objects, artistically decorated.
Avocado Capital of the world
Diversity of culture and attractions

The Municipality of Uruapan is a reflection of what was happening in the world in terms of cultural diversity and attractive since there are different cultural identities in a way that is very common to find in the new colonies of Uruapan, ranchers and Purepechas, because the town is a great tourist town.
The second most important city of the state of Michoacan, is located 52 kilometers from Patzcuaro and Morelia to 102. A direct route is highway Morelia - Patzcuaro and Uruapan, although you can also arrive by the federal highway No. 14 Passing by Tingambato.
Uruapan was a Hispanic town inhabited mainly by Tarascan empire. Have located abundant archaeological remains that have not been studied, with the exception of the canvas of Jucutacato, found in the community of Jicalan and that is the oldest document for the study of the history of Michoacán.
He has been described as "the orchard of Michoacan" or "avocado Capital of the world" and when he reached the rank of city in 1858 it was called "Uruapan of Progress". However, the most deserved title is "the true birthplace of lacquer" for the production of trays, cups, masks, boxes and other wooden objects, artistically decorated with the art that goes back to pre-Columbian times and is coating each piece with a mixture of oils of vegetable and animal origin with powdered minerals which on drying leave a hard, glossy surface, on which to draw the decorative motifs resacándolos swaging the same compound of the base but of different colors as required. The designs achieved reveal the singular mastery and artistic sensitivity of the artisans of the neighborhoods uruapenses.
The neighborhoods have the feature to revive year-on-year the customs and traditions that the elderly were transmitted to the smaller for oral communication; implying feasts and celebrations of patron saints, rituals such as night of the dead, christmas birth community, clothing and gastronomy Purepecha, etc.Its people are very open to live together on the one hand, and by the other when they were no longer know how to get and it is imprudent, tend to be wary of the good intentions that are taken in the joint implementation of any cultural action.
Cultural and tourist attractions *Religious Architecture:Account with several beautiful plazas and with some interesting chapels, as the remaining in the former indigenous neighborhoods that saved valuable images made from cane as the Magdalena (sixteenth century).

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